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 Alumni Center Director Message

The leading universities in the world are keen to invest all their resources to achieve excellence and global leadership. As human capital is the most important asset of universities that look forward to excellence and driving force for all construction and development processes. King Saud University realizes the importance of human resources of the university, and it works to develop programs through which all aspects of care provided to its employees. Graduates are considered one of the pillars through which King Saud University seeks to achieve its future ambitions, especially since many graduates take the leadership positions in the country, and many of them integrate into society and engage into governmental and private jobs. Therefore, it is important to establish a mechanism for effective and fruitful communication with this supportive force (graduates), in order to support the university and benefit all its employees and society.


Therefore, the Graduates' Center will begin to prepare initiatives and action plans, implement programs, and joint projects with training and employment agencies, so as to contribute to building a permanent interactive relationship between the university and its graduates, and the graduates with each other, in a way that ensures the development of skills and stimulation of the capabilities of graduates in all disciplines. Without exception, and taking into account the changing and accelerating labor market requirements, and the university's endeavor to achieve the development goals set in Vision 2030.


Alumni Center Director 

Dr. Anas Muhammed Alshalan


Building a permanent interactive relationship between the university and its graduates.


Enhancing the affiliation and participation of graduates by opening communication channels between them and the university to contribute to the development of their knowledge and skills, and the development of university programs in line with the requirements of the labor market, in support of the university's mission, goals and vision.




  • Building a true partnership between the university and its graduates to achieve the vision of KSU2030


  •  Enhancing affiliation and loyalty to the university.


  • Supporting graduates in the field of employment, training and vocational guidance 


  • Cooperate with the private sector in implementing programs and initiatives related to training, rehabilitation and employment


  • Benefit from the graduates' experiences after entering the labor market.


  • Building an integrated database that includes statistics and studies related to graduates and the labor market
Last updated on : August 24, 2023 2:16pm